Virtual Battlegrounds - 2020 Update

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Greetings Warriors and Happy new year!

Welcome to Virtual Battlegrounds 2020 major update!

Back in late 2017 we promised you all that we would be building a VR Battle Royale. Well the time is almost here for us to release but we have a few key milestones we need to hit before we share the game with the rest of the world. We wanted to share with you a transparent timeline

We also want to share with you our timeline for 2020 and some information about our update 0.5.7 Fire Ant includes over 200 bug fixes, design changes and new pieces of content. It’s also live on our Alpha servers now!



Update 0.5.7 Fire Ant Gameplay

Development Timeline Update

This is the timeline that we’ll be following until release. We will update you periodically as we make major progress on our timeline.

Most immediately we’re focused on completing several key features that will enable us to release the game into Early Access. Soon after that we’ll begin working on new features and other important updates. The community will also play a huge role on what features we plan on focusing our development efforts on post release. 

Because of this we’ve decide to make a public roadmap for all of you to see! This roadmap will be updated everytime we release a new patch.

You can view the roadmap in more detail here.

Private alpha is ongoing

That’s right! Our private alpha servers are live.

You can join us at anytime on our Discord but they are invite only. If you signed up at you will be receiving an invite to our public beta soon.

Until next time warriors!

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