Virtual Battlegrounds Guardian Con + Private Alpha Testing Open

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Hello Warriors!

Guardian Con was our first major public showing of the game and the first time we got to interact with large numbers of fans with VR, some VR enthusiasts and others trying VR for the first time. The overall feedback seemed to be really positive,  we identified a new issues and potential design improvements but general feedback was that people really liked the direction of Virtual Battlegrounds.

We got to meet a lot of really cool fans and some new players in the VR space too. Amazed VR faces FTW.

We met a few streamers too!

We can’t wait to participate in GuardianCon next year. Hanging out with gamers and raising money for a good cause is a fun weekend that’s hard to beat.

Also, we’ve been slowly letting people into our private Alpha tests. If you’re interested in helping us improve the game by bug testing and chatting with the devs then make sure you join us on our Discord and drop a message in the channel.

If you want to wait until we have a stable “ish” beta then sign up at

Until next time warriors!



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