Virtual Battlegrounds Physics Weapons + Guardian Con

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Hello Warriors!

Welcome to our first blog post update. Today we have a couple exciting things to share with you.

After doing a few beta sessions and playing a bunch of VR gun games we realized that we could push our weapons a lot further. While we already had what we considered to be a good weapon system, we were inspired by Boneworks physics based weapons and we decided to spend the last few weeks reworking our weapon system until we had something that felt similar.

While we don’t think we are quite there yet we have built something we’re pretty proud of and should make for a lot of fun in a battle royale setting!


Also, we are excited to announce that we will be headed to Guardian Con!  This will be our first major public showing of Virtual Battlegrounds.

If you’re planning on attending we’d love to meet with you there. We will have 6-8 VR stations on site and will be hosting a series of matches and handing out some prizes.

Until next time warriors!



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