Virtual Battlegrounds Release Date TBD

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Hello Warriors!

First off we want to thank you all for being patient with us. We realize that we keep pushing the game back month after month and that this is probably frustrating for some of you. We’re sorry and honestly, no one wants to release this game more then we do. But it’s more important to us that we have a great experience on launch then meet a specific date.

With that being said we have opened up a few waves of beta testers and we’ve been getting some great feedback. We’d love to have you join in our beta tests. Make sure you sign up at if you haven’t already or join us on our discord and talk with the dev team.

As for our release date it’s currently TBD. We’re anticipating late summer right now but we don’t want to commit to a specific date until we’re 100% certain we’re ready to launch. We’ve already made the mistake of announcing too early. You’re probably asking yourself how did you go from March to late summer? Well, it’s a few factors. Partially our game just wasn’t ready and we needed to bug fix and polish more. But also we’re just really serious about creating the best VR battle royale and that included a major re-inspection of many of our games features. After looking at our competition and playing their games a bit we felt that we could do more to help our game stand out. (pun intended) Honestly, we’d rather spend another year working on the game and deliver something absolutely amazing then launch now with something mediocre. Fortunately, though it shouldn’t take that long.

Additionally, we realize that we have had a major lack of communication with our community. That is something we aim to correct going forward. Believe it or not, we have been building this game for almost 2 years now but you probably have not heard a lot from us about it. Every week we are planning something new or developing something new for the game. From here on out we want to share with you our project roadmap along with bi-weekly development posts to keep you guys in the loop and hopefully even get you a little bit excited.

Until next time Warriors.

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