Carbon is a tool built for the Professional DMX toolkit and library for Live and Virtual events in Unreal Engine. We worked with Imaginary Labs to prototype advanced lighting and DMX connection tools to build the first ever DMX toolkit built into the unreal engine.

Carbon is an extremely powerful piece of software that can host thousands of lights connected to a DMX board. In order to build this at the performance we needed to scale we had to program a C++ multi-threaded bitwise operated connection framework that hooked up to a DMX board. In addition to that the built in lighting solution in Unreal Engine was not performant enough to scale to the number of lights we needed. At CyberDream we helped build the framework for these applications. At this point the Imaginary Labs team has taken over the foundation we helped lay and has expanded on Carbons capabilities greatly. A number of major live events have already been visualized using Carbon and we expect it to make a big splash in the post covid world.